13-year-old singer-songwriter Alyssa Grace Proffitt

At 13, Alyssa Grace Proffitt is already an accomplished songwriter and performer. But despite her young age, she’s not afraid to tackle heavy topics. Diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety as a child, she has used her personal battles as inspiration for some of her songs.

“It’s a little dark sometimes because some of the songs I write are about people going through struggles,” she observed. “I write about sad things that happen because they tell a story. But they are also hopefully inspiring and let others know they are not alone.”

She lived in Torrance, an oceanside city in the…

Noyan Uras, Founder & CEO of the INTEGRARE Group

Noyan Uras was traditionally trained as a civil engineer in college, but he brings the passion of an artist and the commitment of an activist to his new venture in the Los Angeles construction industry.

A common perception of the construction/building industry is that it can be very traditional and old-fashioned, male-dominated, and sometimes rough around the edges. But Uras and his team (the other founding members are both female) are using a modern, holistic approach that is more reminiscent of an artist’s or designer’s atelier crossed with an innovation lab or think tank.

Uras partnered with Cypress Equity Investments…

Brett Peruzzi

Brett Peruzzi is a freelance writer and editor based in the greater Boston area.

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